Mr and Ms Mentoring inc


Children's Program


Mr. and Ms. Mentoring is a research-based Intervention Program focused on Mental Health for \nAt Risk Youth. Youth will be empowered by establishing a stable platform, positive support \nsystems, develop coping skills, and be introduced to creative, relatable, yet individualized \noutlets. Youth will be inspired to reinvent their individuality, while also being challenged to \nconquer past trauma, fears, and negative feelings. The program also focuses on actively being \nengaged in the community, improving family dynamics, and financial growth. How the program \nworks is, each youth is assessed in functionality in different categories. The assessment process \ncontinues deeper into the youth “At risk” potential barriers, where we analyze the youth from a \n“mental health” angle. From the results, the program builds the youths Goals/treatment plan, \nwhich we gage off the Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, a psychological theory of basic human \nneeds. The program is a 9-12 Month long mentoring service, that meets 5 Days a week from 2-6. \nEach youth will have access to a qualified mentor where they will receive one on one, as well as \ngroup mentoring. At the facility, there will be daily groups, where youth can be engaged in safe , \nstructed, activities. The program utilizes the community and has weekly field trips. \nOur Niche\nOur target is at risk youth who are struggling to function normally in the home and school \nenvironment. Youth who struggle with behavioral issues, and or have mental health disorders. \nThe ages range from 7-18 (7-12) (13-18). We target single parent, foster care, and any home that \nstruggles to provide that additional attention or stability. After 3 years of productive results in all \nages. We have noticed the biggest impact and need with the middle school age group. What we \nnoticed is that this is the age of molding and development capacity. These are the ages where \nthey are starting to mature physically and mentally and have the most outside influence. After \nschool care programs stop after elementary grades, yet these youth aren’t old enough to fend for \nthemselves in the community. They still need appropriate supervision that will help guide them \nfrom childhood to adulthood, which we believe comes with going into high school. Once a youth \ngets into high school, they are transiting into an adult, getting ready for college, and should have \na clear vision of who they are becoming.\n

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