The Stargazer Foundation




We specialize in International Education, Differentiated Instruction, Parent Advocacy and Community Support. We offer Education and Leisure tours, ESL, Foreign Language, Special Needs and Vocational instruction and certifications, Professional Development for Educators, translation services, 1:1 and group tutoring (all subjects areas), Supplemental Education Services, Educational Enrichment opportunities, camps, afterschool and track-out programs,drop out prevention programs, job placement assistance, virtual classroom set up, assessments, counseling, therapeutic intervention, behavior support, parenting classes, Guardian ad Litum services, child custody/ support services, voter registration, host family & au pair programs and more. Our mentoring programs focus on at-risk youth. The program provides positive role models for ages 6-19. Critical thinking, self-esteem, respect, and personal and academic achievement are goals pursued by the program. Free Consultations!\n\n

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